I hope that this prepping introduction helps you understand why I thought we all needed a new venue for information, education, and community. It begins with what led me to prepare, and how this led to changes in political views, values and other aspects of my life. those thoughts were compiled in a post I wrote for personal use, a touchstone of sorts:  Prepare. Survive. Live A Warning to Myself.

Once the process began I found much information that helped me in all facets of preparedness, due to this I compiled a list of Concepts to Aid in Emergency Preparedness to revisit often for reminders and additions, this helped me begin to communicate the Prepare. Survive. Live. ideas. Our Preparedness Primer sets out to summarize preparedness as I see it and as I wish to show others how to go about preparing with purpose and definite goals while avoiding the mistakes I did.

Preparing is getting your body, mind, and things in place to better survive whatever comes up.

Surviving is an unfortunate period that you prepared for. This isn’t something that you want to do, it’s not a vacation or some sort of test, it is it, and you have to come out the other side alive.

Live a life of preparedness by living it fully away from large urban areas. Self-ownership, responsibility, self-sufficiency is the foundation. Hard work and commitment lead to a hands-on full and rewarding life.

We invite you to read, learn, and participate. PSL has its own view on certain subjects, but don’t we all? You can find some of the same information at public libraries and throughout the internet. Make use of them, we want you prepared whether it’s us helping you or someone else, but we rather it be us. 😀

Here is to humble beginnings.

Omar Apr 11, 2017, New York, N.Y.