About Omar M.

Who am I? I am Omar Morales.

Husband, Dad, IT Manager, Writer, Prepper, Old guy. I enjoy life, love my wife and son, and I want to leave my son with a healthy respect for life, knowledge, and goods when I pass. So he can take care of himself and family when he gets around to it. I am Omar Morales.

My Rant

I am still working on that. I don’t want to lose the personal aspect of it, but I need to make it sound less angry and jaded. Take some of the New Yorker out of it and make it into a useful piece of communication.

Omar’s Top Books

All these books reference plenty of other books. Remember books are tools, and no one tool does it all.

  • 5 Acres and Independence by Maurice G. Kains and J. E. Oldfield You want a homestead? You want to feed yourself and your family? Do you want to live off-grid? Get this book a year or two before all that, it’s not glossy like many current books with the same information. But it works, you might have to look for up-to-date information here and there, I don’t think that it lessens the value of the book.
  • The Disaster Diaries by Sam Sheridan This book brakes it down from the perspective of a dad, or parent. What Sam went to in order to prepare. Decent references and talks with ‘experts’ in their fields.
  • Survival Guns by Mel Tappan Some of the firearms, though well tested and thoroughly thought out, can be replaced with current and more affordable models. I add it so that you can see how to evaluate and why to have a certain firearm. You can also notice here how some current authors borrow from Mel.
  • The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
  • When All Hell Breaks Loose and 98 Degrees by Cody Lundin (A twofer)

My gear

  • My first aid kit is a standard PSL Individual First-Aid Kit with my RX added and an Extended IFAK as an addon.