NATO Phonetic Alphabet: Letters a word at a time

NATO Phonetic Alphabet: Letters a word at a time

Learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and integrate it into your communications strategy, it will help you execute your plans efficiently. There is a reason why its use is prevalent around the world in one way or another, it works.

This post is not meant to be encyclopedic if you are interested in the history of the NATO Phonetic check out the Wikipedia page for it.

NATO phonetic alphabet

Alfa Juliett Sierra
Bravo Kilo Tango
Charlie Lima Uniform
Delta Mike Victor
Echo November Whiskey
Foxtrot Oscar X-ray
Golf Papa Yankee
Hotel Quebec Zulu
India Romeo

Learning it

You can make games around this to teach younger members, heck, all members of your group. Also, don’t be shy, print out flashcards and hand them out to your partners in preparedness.

Use it

Print out paper strips with the alphabet or whole pages, laminate them and post them next to communications stations, mobile phones, and HAM radios.

When you go hiking, use your mobile or cheap radios, make an effort to use it for real communications between parties.


Communications will be a key part of your plans, prepare for it, there are man resources that can help you with that. Get a hold of a Vet at Legion post and talk to them about it. Gain from their experiences.