Not So Secret Cache Part 4 Family Stash

Not So Secret Cache Part 4 Family Stash

So far the duffel contents apply to everyone, but items for the rest of the family have been omitted, let’s fix that cache with the family stash. The information from the previous posts applies, though I won’t presume to tell you what clothing to buy if you’re a woman. The items and manufacturers still apply, though keep in mind some items, like sleeping bags, are sometimes designed specifically for women.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash

In this post, I consulted with my wife for some items. They are still generic, use as a series of reminders. I’d like women to post and correct the heck out of me on this post so we can make it better.

This post has some Amazon links, remember they help pay for the site’s hosting costs.

Feminine Care

Menstrual cycle, scary for men, we know. You can’t turn away from it, whether the family head is a woman or a man, this part of prepping must be fulfilled.

Women have a few choices for feminine care. Your current personal favorite may not be viable after an emergency, though you can certainly stock up. I would recommend broadening what you store though, just in case.

Pads (disposable or reusable), tampons, and menstrual cups are your options.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
Stayfree Maxi Pads for Women, Super.

Sanitary pads, yes I said it, women need these we know it, there is no need to hide it. Then a pack of these as well as other female-specific first-aid supplies has to complement the first-aid kit of her duffel. The Stayfree to the left is the second most popular pads on Amazon. I don’t want to know what you thought before you read that. You or your partner will absolutely know best as to what to buy.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
Veeda Natural All-Cotton Tampons

100% Cotton tampons would allow you to burn or compost them, or bury them without adding some stress that you may be messing up the environment (which one day you may have to really depend on) also the cost of this particular suggestion has been taken into account. Add or replace it as you need.


Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
Teamoy 10Pcs Sanitary Pad

And here we are, squatting by a cold river washing a reusable menstrual pad, you may have to do that and that is ok. My wife has not used these (nor menstrual cups, but that follows in a couple of paragraphs) therefore I am linking a highly rated, fairly cheap suggestion. Here is some hypoallergenic, dye-free, and unscented detergent to wash the pads when the time comes.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
Menstrual Cup

Another item of which I can only suggest for you to look into and buy as a JIC is a menstrual cup. As mentioned above my wife has never used one of these. If you have please post a comment on it. Clean Cup makes a pH-balanced wash for cups that you may want if you get a cup

I hope that men don’t shy away from this subject and assuring that it is checked off the list (if it’s on your list at all)

Pain Management (Analgesics)

First, talk with your doctor before taking pain medication if you have an allergy to aspirin or severe asthma. Second, Follow the instructions on the bottle, or provided by your doctor.

Cramps, they are bad under normal circumstances, imagine under the stress caused by an emergency. The Mayo Clinic has great treatment information, you should give it a read.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
Pamprin Menstrual Pain Relief

Naproxen sodium seems to be the OTC (over-the-counter) pain killer of choice. Many of you will recognize the popular brands of it as Midol and Aleve. Midol Complete is an OTC cocktail that may work better for you. Another popular option is Pamprin. Consult your doctor if you haven’t already.

Not So Secret Cache Family Stash
HeatMax Hand & Body Warmer

Applying heat can also help with cramp pain, for that a hot water bottle. If hot water is not coming out of the tap (this is an emergency remember) one of those instant heat packs will be a prized possession.



This post is of course not fully comprehensive, that would cheat you out of thinking. But, your not so secret cache family stash is now more rounded, we still have to touch on what your kids may need and how to fix the things your keeping in your cache.  See you next week.