Not So Secret Cache Part 5 Baby Stash

Not So Secret Cache Part 5 Baby Stash

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond. You want to keep your child safe, and there is nothing more important for a parent. So we find ourselves at this juncture in your not so secret cache, the baby stash.

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Children are precious and their protection is the highest priority.

My Son

I can’t begin to explain the feeling of having a child. It’s simply great. Protecting and providing for him are the top priorities for me and my wife, these include of course my weight loss, etc. If I am not healthy and fit how can I protect and provide?

Below are several points, some major some may not be to you. We will not pretend to tell you what you need for your children, only what we’ve done. It is missing items, I’d like to hear from you on what you add, or take out.

Child Care

The needs of any child are many, and you have to take all of them into account. If you prepare for 72-hours and are suddenly faced with two weeks of living in your friend’s basement with an eight-month-old, it will get rough.

Baby Food

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare

You know what food stage your child is at, the difference between keeping your little darling’s food and yours is that they are changing. So, don’t stick the premie formula in your duffel and remember that only when you have to use it six months later. You will have to keep notes and replace items as you need to.

We had to use Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare for months, which in a way made that decision easy. Consumption was pretty high, a can would last a couple of days, and once we began to leave him with a baby sitter we had to double up on the purchases.

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash

You will need water to prepare all powder formula, stock up on it and back it up by having a way to purify the needed daily water for your child. I’m not just talking filters, maybe a pot for you to boil water, in order not to tie up one of your friend’s pots.


Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Cloth Diapers with 12 Inserts

The every changing growth of your child applies here as well, though unlike food, you can handle it a bit better by going old school. That awesome poop holder, the cloth diaper. It’s been upgraded though, it’s a little easier on the brain and produces less of a mess.

Once your child is in the pull-up stage or beyond you will have a bit more flexibility.


Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Lotions and creams, shampoos and soap, you will need some in order to keep your child clean and also to wash up his ‘things’ your baby stash will need some rash lotion, we use Aveeno’s Eczema Lotion because my son can break out, also Dr. Bronners Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap to wash his bottles. We keep Desitin and Aquafor as well as for strategic application in case a diaper rash pops up. Though thank God we have not had a chance to use them.

Baby vs. The Environment

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Babyganics Baby Sunscreen, SPF 50

To protect against our New York City sun we have Babyganics sunblock, which has worked well. As in, he has not burnt. We don’t have or tried any bug repellent since he is so young.

We tried a cute little sun hat, which he chose to chew instead of wear. Nevertheless, plan to protect your child from the sun throughout the year, as well as extreme heat and cold. Imagine the tinniest hiker, all the needs of that hiker are the needs of your child concerning the environment.

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash

Taking The Baby Stash for a Ride

Not So Secret Cache Baby Stash
Deuter Child Carrier

Deuter has an excellent fitting baby carrier, I tried it (I am large enough to need 2X shirts and sometimes the odd 3X depending on the manufacturer) and it fit great, was easy to get off and place on the ground, and had enough storage space to keep most of the baby’s things. This item is not cheap in the least!


Your children will need the least amount of stress during an emergency as possible. They will need to eat and kept healthy. They will need to eat, sleep, be clean, and be entertained sometimes. You know your children, you want what is best for them. Make it happen.