Not So Secret Cache Part 6 Your Last Stash

Not So Secret Cache Your Last Stash

Are you satisfied? I hope not, I want you to want more and keep coming to PSL to participate, learn. and question. Your last stash is about some tools and last-minute additions to your not so secret cache. Let’s dot some I’s and cross some T’s.

Not So Secret Cache Your Last Stash
Tools for your cache

Repair Kit Stash

You will have to maintain and repair items that you have in your cache. Keep a small tool roll, you know the usual screwdrivers, pliers, etc. However, due to their versatility, I will point out two specific tools that need a home in the cache.


Not So Secret Cache Your Last Stash
Leatherman Wave

A good old Leatherman multi-tool or a venerable Swiss Army, if you are nostalgic. It is a Godsend and compact. Every member of your family should have one. I have a Leatherman Style CS in my backup-backup pouch and a Leatherman Wave with MOLLE Sheath. I also bought the bit kit and bit driver extender for the Wave. It’s a great package, the only drawback is that the pouch doesn’t have a specific place for the bit kit.

A Swiss Army knife by Victorinox could also work, or a Gerber multi-tool for that matter. You have to try and find something that works for you and your plans.

Utility Knife

Not So Secret Cache Your Last Stash
Morakniv Companion

Durable and dependable, get yourself a utility knife. This is not a Ka-Bar or a balisong, those type of knives have other applications. This one is to cut a piece of meat, or open a can, or whittle a stick. Utility. I have a few of the Morakniv Companion knives, they are basic and cheap. Morakniv makes a few variations.

A small sharpener will go great with this, or any knife you choose, throw one in the cache.

Entertainment Stash

No one wants to die of boredom, especially after braving a landscape of potential danger. When all the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted you may want to unwind at your BOL. Card games, fiction books, movies on a tablet (think about a Gigabyte per two-hour movie), or writing in your journal. These are all ways for you to relax, to get rid of stress. Stress kills or at least will make your life miserable during an emergency.

My only recommendation here is not to rely on anything electronic as the only means to your entertainment. Power outages are common enough.

Seasonal Considerations for your Secret Cache

Winter in the north should be prioritized over summer. It can be brutal anywhere along the border with Canada. You may need to winterize your duffel contents, you have to set that priority based on your location and plans.

Summer in the southwest must be insane, I have never experienced myself but have ‘heard’ plenty about them.

Winter in the north, maybe more socks, and insulation. Summer in a desert, maybe more water and sunscreen. See what I mean?

Concepts and Ideas mentioned in these Not So Secret Cache articles.

Hope, family, preparedness, self-sufficiency, friendship, prudence, security, the pursuit of happiness, and consideration, and many others. Keep your list of reasons, or concepts, or personal precepts in mind when you are putting together your not so secret cache.

Vendors, Suppliers, and Stores mentioned in these articles.

Cabela’s Walmart Tractor Supply Company Amazon REI

Some Manufacturers mentioned in these articles.

Alpha Industries Hausbell Nalgene
AlpineAire Indera Patagonia
Ambient Weather Intex Petzl
APack Kaito Platypus
Backpacker’s Pantry Leatherman Portable Aqua
BaoFeng Maglite Rayovac
C.Crane Marchway SaltStick
Canada Goose Marmot Sawyer
Carhartt Meal Kit Supply Sea to Summit
Darn Tough Midland Swazi
Dinty Moore Montbell Tenergy
Fenix Morakniv Terramar
Goya Mountain House Therm-a-rest
Harmony House MREStar Wornick Foods
Not So Secret Cache Your Last Stash
Tools to save your life.


Thought-provoking series? I hope. Do you need to prepare? Yes. Keep your family in mind if you ever get a cache to drop at a friend, but also your friend’s safety. Put together your list of 10 essentials, per person and for the whole family, it’s a great start. Add items as needed and plan as required.

Be safe all and thank you for giving up your time to read these posts. Like, share stuff like that.

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