Water is The Stuff of Life

Water is The Stuff of Life

Water is basic to life. You think a subject like this does not need to be emphasized. It does, because water is the stuff of life and without it, we lose that precious gift.

Water The Stuff of Life

Uses of Water: This is Your Brain on Water

The main post for this part is uses of water where we cover the standard ways you use water, the bases. Coking and bathing, things like that.

Water Procurement: Finding Water

Finding water in everyday places natural or human-made is the topic of the water procurement process. Dowsing? Maybe. Radiator? Probably not. But, let’s find out.

Water Storage: Your Personal Aquifer

Where you keep your water is very important, water storage introduces the concept of a personal aquifer to remind you of the importance and finite aspects of storing water.

The tools and supplies you need for storage are also covered, they might be simple and cheap, but they could save your life one day.

Water Processing Making Water Safe to Use

Know what can make water dangerous to drink, it’s contaminants, and what can make it safe to drink, water treatments, in the water processing post. Maybe take a read before you rush out and buy a gallon of bleach.

Water in Wilderness Survival

When you are out there and in trouble knowing where to find water in wilderness survival could be a lifesaver. This is one of those topics that’s filled with traditions, old wives’ tales, and techniques that sound dubious. We’ll try to give you the straight dope one some of these.

Water is The Stuff of Life


This is an index of sorts to the major posts on Water at PSL. Start reading and get an idea as to how simple the need for water is. And how complex managing water in an emergency situation can be.

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