Here is to hope!; Why a new Prepping website?

Here is to hope!

Have you ever thought what is the most important part of emergency preparedness? What keeps people going? or perhaps the one thing you should focus on having a lot of? That is Hope.

Hope is the one feeling that drives my preparedness, I thought that feeling would be survival, but survival was mostly a result of either being prepared, being helped, or luck. I refuse to leave my future up to luck.

From years ago when I introduced preparedness to my life to a few months ago at the birth of my first child, a son, it has hope is what keeps me going.

Hope is supremely subjective to what you don’t want to happen, to that incredible positive outcome that you want for yourself and family. I will not mind if the time and money spent on my family’s preparedness go to waste if it means that all has gone well.

But, life doesn’t work like that. Preparedness is ongoing, you have to keep up with a multitude of skills and goods, and items, and plans, it is ongoing, because if it doesn’t keep going, you get comfortable, and then Mr. Murphy reminds you why preparedness is ongoing. But, you can tell Mr. Murphy: Here is to hope.


Why a new Prepping website?

You learn a lot by doing things wrong, and that was my case. No matter how much I read and watched, no one took the time to lay out a graduated plan. A ‘you get to D by going through A, B, and C first’ approach.

The idea of the blog, website, and related services was born in late 2014, it’s been a long trek full of life, and the time to begin arriving in July 2019.

The vision for Prepare.Survive.Live is one of Education, Organization, Sustainability, and Sensible information.

Fear-mongering and cultivating paranoia are not part of what we want to do. We want visitors and subscribers but will not participate in squeezing anything out of you by fear.

Some of the information may be found in other sites, and that is ok with us. We plan on delivering info with new perspectives which will make you think some more.

The site is new, you have an opportunity to see it grow and participate in that growth. For the most part, we are apolitical and areligious, though the individuals running this site have their views, we are all entitled to them, the site is here to be a stable place of information and ideas.

What do you need right now?

Prepping has to start somewhere, if you haven’t started you need a few simple things, though you need to be honest with your self:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Information Gathering
  • Commitment
  • Take first-steps

If you are already prepping, some of these are already part of your life and should have a process to repeat these steps over and over since everything has a first-step.

As mentioned before education is part of the PSL vision. Keep your eye on us, we have a free Preparedness Primer (PRE-101) course coming to NYC in August/September.

Our sponsor: What is PSL about?

Prepare.Survive.Live. (PSL) is about your preparedness, your survival, and you living after an emergency that disrupts your life.

We plan to provide affordable, items for sale, courses to learn, and outings for immersive practice.

PSL is a business, the site may have ads, that depend on subscribers and how well we do proving that our stuff is worth buying, or that our courses are worth taking.

There is a directory for other businesses, the listings will be insanely cheap and it’s a way of the editors and members of PSL to validate vendors by having used their items in a preparedness setting.

Events will be posted here and echoed on Facebook and other social media as we expand.

Here is to hope
Raise your hand and reach for hope, once you grab it never let go.

Lastly, in good faith and for the sake of transparency, posts or pages may include Amazon affiliate links, etc. No one sponsors us, this is a way to cover the costs of running a website (which at the moment is not a lot) as well as to offer prizes and charity to organizations that serve those in more need than us.

Visit often, subscribe, like us, and drop us a line and here is to hope.