Your First Steps Into Preparedness Course

It’s here

Your first steps into preparedness course launched! PRE-101 Preparedness Primer is waiting for you on Eventbrite and MeetUp brought to you by Prepare.Survive.Live of Central Jersey.

First Steps Into Preparedness Course Description

Join us for your first steps into preparedness. You will frame prepping on your own terms, gradually. The focus is on why do you want to prepare, not how. Setting clear goals for you and your loved ones and the right attitude are the first steps.

Planning, what do buy, politics, etc. Are not covered in this class.

The class format is as follows, the Units are not the same length of time.

Part 1: Prepping Intro
Unit 1: What is Prepping?
Unit 2: Where are you now?
Unit 3: What are core prepping disciplines?
Forum 1
Part 2: Thinking For Prepping
Unit 4: How to begin?
Unit 5: What to do now?
Unit 6: How to approach Continuous Preparedness Improvements (CPI)?

Each Unit has an accompanying ‘quiz’ that you can use to take notes or use at home where it can become part of your emergency plan.


Course Location

The course is being held at the YMCA of South Amboy, a great space that is very easy to get to!

YMCA safety protocols will be followed. Please respect your fellow participants. More information for this YMCA branch can be found at

This program is not conducted by the YMCA.


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