You’re on Your Own, or are you?

You’re on Your Own, or are you?

Do you have to be on your own? A group may be inevitable, do you need to be in one? where would you fit in a group? I can ask more questions, but there is no need for that. Going solo as a prepper is difficult, to say the least. So, ask yourself if you’re on your own?

So where is the line between solo and collaboration? Find that fine line for your plans and situation. For me, it was family, of course, and a couple of other families to make up a larger group. It works for me.

Do not confuse a group effort and collaboration for loss of individual freedom, preparedness, and survival. Everyone that can have to learn and do, to keep their spot in a group. I hope you don’t ever have to make a tough decision, such as leaving someone out of your support group.

You're on Your Own

I enjoy fiction like Jeremiah Johnson, The Revenant, etc., but by no means do I ever forget it’s fiction. You can read dozens of real-life stories of people who survived astronomical odds against them. This post is not about that.

You are not born alone, there is someone there. Right? We also need help, from someone or at least from something.

There are challenges which you will have to succeed on your own. By the time you are an adult, you know that. Those challenges will continue to exist. One of them might be starting a preparedness plan for you and your loved ones.

See if some of these concepts can help you out with some of the thoughts or emotions of prepping.


  • Start a journal on your idea and reason for prepping.
  • Can you survive an emergency on your own right now?
  • Do you want to survive a prolonged emergency alone?
  • Surviving is the goal, thriving is also a goal, would you do it alone?

To group or not to group?

You must consider preparedness as a communal effort. That community might just be your partner and a single child. Or, you could have a couple of college friends who all agree about emergency preparedness.

A team effort will also give you logistical advantages. Shared costs or you could use several locations for storage or emergency shelter. If your family unit is your community, you have inherent trust and a personal stake in their survival.

A group is also a sounding board, ideas, thoughts, and fears. An important part of a group is that you could keep away from negative feedback sliding into your plan and tail spinning out of control because of paranoia. Or, honestly, the reverse could happen. The group could get itself into a froth over any little thing they perceive as a threat.

I might be biased. As a child a grew up in an extended family. Though to an extent we behaved like clans in a tribe over a giant utopia. Regardless of my historical dynamics, I only see benefits.


  • Consider your family or friends as a group.
  • Think of your plans with that ‘group’ in mind.
  • Pros vs. Cons?

You're on Your Own

Your role in a group

Prepper culture is full of armchair quarterbacks. I am that, sometimes, usually when it’s about books. However, think about what role you can fulfill in a group and what role do you want.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”Rub-A-Dub-Dub. Nursery Rhyme” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”14″]The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.[/perfectpullquote]

I think that people are born leaders, but somewhere that goes awry. In case you are not the leader, and your leader is a good listener, you can still have a significant impact on the organization of the group. You might not be so lucky and just be a cog in the machine.

The machine needs cogs though. From bandaging the wounded to cooking, or storyteller for the kids to a counselor. The group needs you to have a role.

That need is an extension of your skills portfolio. All those things that you need to learn will come in handy for you and your group.


  • Make a list of qualities you think you need to prepare
  • Which quality needs the most work?
  • Can you stand not being the boss?


You’re on your own is a situation that you choose, being in a group is also your choice. It is your responsibility to pick the option that best for you. Don’t be afraid to come across situations that seem impossible. Don’t run away from a group for the wrong reasons.

Always choose wisely.